About Chinese personal names


Let us take a brief look at Chinese personal names first. When we introduce ourselves to others, the first thing we want to tell people about is our names.

Order of personal names

What is the correct order to personal names in Chinese?
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First name, middle name, surname
Middle name, first name, surname
Surname, middle name, first name

Family names

In English-speaking countries such as the United States, there are more family names than given names. In Chinese-speaking countries and regions, in comparison, there are more given names than family names. The most common Chinese family names are: Zhang (張), Li(李), Wang(), Chen(陳) and Liu().

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Given names

A Chinese given names usually consists one or two characters with the latter being more popular.

Your Chinese name

Do you want a Chinese name for yourself? Get it online!

Yes, you can get yourself a Chinese name by visiting the website at www.mandarintools.com/chinesename.html. The author of that website also provides more interesting information about how your name is translated into Chinese. Enjoy!