System requirements

This website requires the use of Internet Explorer 6 (or better) for its dynamic features. If your browser support Javascript, it should also work. Windows MediaPlayer is required if you want to hear the audio recordings.

This website contains Simplified Chinese and Pinyin texts using the GB2312 encoding standard. For help with displaying Chinese on your computer, please check out this webpage.

Viewing photos

To browse photos of street signs offered at this site, click on the links from the menu on the left window.

When each photo is displayed, you can click on the Chinese characters to hear them. You can also click on 'Large View' for a clearer image or download it by clicking on the 'Download' link.

Taking quiz

Quizzes are designed to offer you a chance to have your comprehension checked. Immediate feedback is provided once you answer each particular question.

To complete Quizzes 2 to 9, simply click on the hotspots on each photo on the individual quiz page. Immediate feedback will be provided once you click on each photo.

For Quizzes 10 and 11, you can rearrange the images in the following way: Press the left mouse button and hold it. Then drag it upward to the desired position and release the mouse button.

For Quiz 12, simply click on the radio button and feedback will be provided immediately.

For further information

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