Instructional Technology Links

(Last updated: September 18, 2000)

CALL is closely related to Instructional Technology. Hence here is a list about IT in general.

Glossary (What are the buzz words?)

(Quoted from: curry.edschool.Virginia.EDU/go/it/Programs/curric.html)

  • Instructional Design is a systematic problem solving process. It is based on the identification and assessment of instructional needs and the development of appropriate learning objectives and strategies that are use to develop, produce, and evaluate effective and efficient learning activities.
  • Instructional Technology (IT) is based on the study of the systematic application of research and applied learning theory and the use of current learning technologies and methodologies. This interdisciplinary field combines instructional design and assessment, communication arts, business, educational psychology, and the use of technology as a tool in the design and delivery of instruction.

University Programs (Who offers the program)

Modules (What do they teach in IT)

  1. Computer/multimedia: Programming, multimedia production, etc..
  2. Educational psychology: Theories of learning and cognition, including measurement and evaluation;
  3. Instruction theories: Teaching methodology, etc. Design and implementation

Sample syllabus (They teach these stuff)

Online publications