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中文 拼音 英文
售票大厅 shòu piào dà tīng ticket hall
退票处 tuì piào chù ticket refund office
当天票 dàng tiān piào ticket for today
应急售票 yìng jí shòu piào emergency ticket office

售票大厅 is one of the many possible ways to indicate a ticket office. The word 大厅 in 售票大厅 literally means big lobby. We have seen different words used after 售票 for ticket office, which incolude 处 (chu4, place), 亭 (ting2, pavilion) and 厅 (ting1, lobby/hall). Which word to use after 售票 depends on the physical size of ticket office, which is not yet standardized yet. But anyway the key word here is 售票.