Web-based interactive CALL courseware development: A primer

(Version 1.0. Project stared: September 6, 1999. Last updated: November 12, 2000)

Jun Da

Work in progess!

This primer introduces the underlying technical concepts that are necessary to understand web-based CALL interactive courseware development.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface (draft)
  2. Introduction: Web-based learning (nothing yet)
  3. Getting started with web-based CALL projects (draft)
  4. What is interaction: An introduction (draft)
  5. User interaction on the Internet (draft)
  6. Interaction between computer and learner: An overview (draft)
  7. Interactive language learning exercises (draft)
  8. Client-side design (subsection title only)
  9. Server-side design (draft)
  10. Database-driven design (draft)
  11. Online test and evaluation (draft)
  12. Multilingual support (linked to a sample tutorial)
  13. Multimedia materials authoring (Nothing yet)
  14. FAQ (nothing yet)
  15. References (nothing yet)
  16. Appendix (nothing yet)
  17. Jun's homepage (Availabe since 1996. Migrated to this location in 10/2000)
  18. Copyright notice (nothing yet)