Computer-assisted language learning
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Annotated CALL links

(Last updated: November 30, 2000)

This collection concentrates on CALL itself without referencing to CALL materials.


Authoring tools

Using client-side programming

  • Hot Potatoes (from Half-baked Potatoes)  ( Freeware. Strongly recommended. It allows you to implement various interactive language exercises such as multiple-choice, cloze, short-answer quiz, etc. on the web. Interactivity is mainly programmed using JavaScript into the webpages.
  • Dreamweaver ( Dreamweaver is THE webpage authoring tool used by professional web designers. It has many built-in JavaScript enabled functions suitable for designing language learning exercises. You need to buy Dreamweaver Attain in order to take the advantage of those advanced features.
  • Interactive Exercises Maker ( Yet another template-driven interactive page generator, providing similar capabilities to HotPotato. It is web-browser based and hence you do not need to install any third-party software on your local machine.

Using server-side programming

  • CourseInfo: Course management system which has been deployed at many US universities. For a sample demonstration, visit
  • WebCT ( It is a tool to facilitate a web-based learning environment. It is a server based system which requires system administrators to maintain. If you have the necessary resources and expertise, you can download a free copy and give it a try.
  • Microsoft FrontPage2000: Webpage authoring tool with some built-in capabilities for server-side processing.


  • Knowledge Design ( Entry level tutorials on the basics of webpage design, JavaScript programming, etc.. Examples are in foreign language instruction.
  • WebMonkey ( They offer excellent tutorials (with enough details) on almost all topics related to internet technology. Check it out if you are serious about designing web-based interactive CALL courseware.

Professional journal

Online course and syllabus

Designing issues


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