Chinese text computing
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How to cite

(Page last updated: 2010-09-16)

There are two data sets available at this website: The initial 1998 data set and the updated 2004 data set.

1. The 1998 data set

If you make use of the 1998 data set, please use the following citation:

Da, Jun. 1998. Chinese text computing. <>

where 'old-version1' contains the numeral 1.

2. The 2004 data set

If you make reference to the 2004 data set, please use the following citation:

Da, Jun. 2004. Chinese text computing. <>

or alternatively,

Da, Jun. 2004. A corpus-based study of character and bigram frequencies in Chinese e-texts and its implications for Chinese language instruction. The studies on the theory and methodology of the digitized Chinese teaching to foreigners: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on New Technologies in Teaching and Learning Chinese, ed. by Zhang, Pu, Tianwei Xie and Juan Xu, 501-511. Beijing: The Tsinghua University Press (Download pdf file: Letter size, A4 size)



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