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Install SIL Encore IPA93 font and display IPA symbols in webpages


  1. Download the free font from SIL's website. Pick the right installer program for your operating system;
  2. Double click on the installer file you have downloaded and follow on-screen instructions to complete installation;
  3. If you use Windows2000, the installer program will place the relevant font files (all the files are named as ipa93...ttf ) in the C:\WINNT\Systems folder. You need to copy all the files onto the C:\WINNT\Fonts folder.

Display IPA symbols in webpages

As long as your computer has the above IPA fonts installed, those webpages containing IPA symbols will display properly in Internet Explorer as long as the webpage author sets the font face property to SIL IPA font.

If you want to create a webpage containing IPA symbols, you can do the following:

  1. Use your favorite webpage editor to enter those IPA symbols;
  2. You need to convert those symbols into HTML entities. You can manually key in the corresponding HTML entities or use some scriting language for automatic conversion. The relevant function in PHP, for example, is htmlentities.
  3. Set the font face property for the IPA symbols to, for example, SIL Duolos IPA93. The following is an example:

    The IPA symbols for the English word THE is . The corresponding HTML entities are D and &laquo;, respectively. The HTML source is: <font face="SILDoulos IPA93">D&laquo;</font>.
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