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Frequency statistics 频率统计

Phoneme and syllable frequencies

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Updated: 2010-02-16

Based on a revised Chinese character to Pinyin mapping table.

Outdated version: 2004-05-28

Notes 说明

All phoneme and syllable frequency counts are based on the first 3,500 characters from the Modern Chinese character frequency list.

Only the underlying sounds (phonemes)of those full syllables as defined in Duanmu (2002) are included in the phoneme frequency calculation. For the list of full syllables, please refer to the above pinyin to phoneme mapping table.

There are 4 weak syllables in the 3,500 character list, namely, de, me, o and yo. Their frequencies are given in the Syllable Frequencies List. The last three were excluded in the phoneme frequency counting.

For those characters with multiple pronunciations, only the most popular pronuncation is used in the Chinese character to Pinyin mapping table. Popularity decision is made based on the auther's own judgement.

Reference 参考文献

Duanmu, San. 2002. The phonology of Standard Chinese (Paperback edition). Oxford: Oxofrd University Press


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